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How to Mirror Android to TV

Watching recordings on an Android telephone or tablet is advantageous when you are in a hurry, however when you return home why not set out to really utilize your wide screen television?

To do this, we’ve explained the means by which you can interface your Android phone screen remotely to your TV’s screen.

How to Connect and Mirror Android to TV

How to Mirror Android to TV

The specific terms utilized for Screen Mirroring and steps expected to initiate may change from those delineated beneath relying upon telephone, TV, or extension gadget brand or model.

  • Go to Settings on your telephone, TV or scaffold gadget (media decoration).
  • In the accompanying steps, the Android phone is on the left and the TV screen is on the right.
  • Empower screen mirroring on the telephone and TV. In the model demonstrated the term utilized by the TV is Wi-Fi Direct.
  • Quest for the TV or bridge gadget. It might likewise be on top notch of gadgets. In the TV screen mirroring menu select the Android telephone or tablet.
  • Start an associate system, after your Android telephone or tablet and TV or bridge gadget discover and perceive one another.
  • The Android screen shows on the TV screen after the “associate” strategy is finished.

How to Use Screen Mirroring

After Screen Mirroring is actuated, all that you see on your Android telephone or tablet screen is shared on your TV or video projector screen. Nonetheless, what you see reflected on your TV screen is as yet shown on the Android gadget. In the event that you turn your Android telephone on a level plane, for most applications, you should see a similar view on your TV screen.

Notwithstanding content, by and large, you will likewise reflect the onscreen menus and settings choices gave on your Android telephone or tablet on your TV. This implies that you keep on utilizing your telephone to explore through the telephone’s menu and applications.


  • Convenience: Screen Mirroring gives a simple method to see your Android telephone screen on a bigger TV screen.
  • No Network Required: Android video/picture sharing isn’t influenced by network traffic or network availability glitches as no association through a switch is required.
  • Gadget Availability: In expansion to Android gadgets, screen mirroring gathering is accessible on TVs and select video projectors, Blu-ray players, cable/satellite boxes, media decorations, workstations, and PCs.
  • Business and Classroom Application: With an Android telephone or tablet and a video projector with connect gadget that help screen reflecting, you can remotely show a business or study hall introduction saved money on your android gadget on an exceptionally enormous screen.


  • You can’t perform different errands on your phone while content is reflected. On the off chance that you tap another symbol or application, the substance will stop playing and you will see the following capacity that is actuated.
  • In spite of the fact that you can screen reflect your telephone to most smart TVs or utilizing a screen-mirroring viable extension gadget that can be associated with any TV truly (ideally utilizing HDMI), connection and arrangement are not ensured.
  • You will have the best luck if the telephone/tablet is a similar brand as the TV or extension gadget. Models incorporate Samsung Android telephones with Samsung TVs/Blu-beam Disk players and Kindle Fire Tablets with Fire TV sticks/Fire Edition TVs.
  • You can’t reflect an Android telephone or tablet to an Apple TV without establishment of an extra application such as Airmore or Mirroring 360.

Screen Mirroring vs Screen Casting

Another approach to see content from an Android gadget on TV is through Casting. Screen Mirroring and Casting are comparable, however there are contrasts including:

  • Projecting requires the Android gadget and TV to be associated with a similar Wi-Fi network.
  • Projecting works for photographs, independent recordings, and select applications.
  • While chose Cast content is playing on your TV, you can perform different undertakings on your Android gadget simultaneously or even turn it off.
  • Your Android gadget may require an extra application and connecting a Chromecast on your TV prior to Casting can be utilized.

A few gadgets (Roku sticks/boxes/TVs, Samsung Smart TVs/Blu-ray players, and Fire TV Stick/Fire Edition TVs) permit projecting of select applications from Android telephones without the requirement for an extra application or Chromecast.

  • On the off chance that an Android cell phone application is viable with Casting (YouTube and Netflix are two models), a Cast Logo will show up on the android gadget screen

Connecting Your Android Phone Wirelessly to a TV

One approach to see an Android telephone on a TV is through Screen Mirroring. Practically all Android telephones offer this capacity worked in, just as most brilliant TVs, media decorations, and savvy Blu-ray Disk players. Media decorations that support screen mirroring for Android incorporate Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast.

Apple TV doesn’t uphold screen mirroring for Android natively. Screen Mirroring shows everything on an Android screen (counting email, web-based features, stages, for example, KODI, photographs, recordings, and pages) on your TV remotely (no organization association with a switch required). There are two remote association ways to screen reflect an Android gadget on a TV:

  • From an Android gadget straightforwardly to a TV.
  • From an Android gadget remotely to a “connect” gadget, (for example, a media streamer, brilliant Blu-ray player). The “connect” courses the got reflected substance to a TV through an HDMI or other viable association.


    So that’s it. If you’ve read and followed the steps provided above, your phone should be connected to your TV and ready to start mirroring. However, if not so, then do seek for professional assistance.