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How to Wall Mount a TV

Mounting a TV requires little or no technical skills. However, with our guide on how to mount a TV, this process promises to as easy as possible. So, if you’ve got your self a brand new TV or you’re looking to change the position of your current TV, and you’re looking for a guide on how to wall mount a TV, we’ve got you covered.

Tools needed to mount your TV

Wall mounting TV’s could be quite tricky. However, with the right tools, mounting a tv would be a breeze. So, before we get started, here are some few tools you’ll need to mount your TV.

Stud Finder: Unless you need a TV catastrophe, don’t mount your TV to drywall—ensure you’re mounting to a stud for greatest help. Else you could wind up with a costly wreck on your hands.

Power Drill: You can try to mount the TV with a screwdriver, however you may be busy some time. We strongly prescribe utilizing a power drill to speed things up for this venture.

Different Drill Bits:

  • Carbide-Tipped Masonry Bit: Use this to make pilot openings in the drywall, which you’ll bore your mounting screws into.
  • Phillips Head Drill Bit: This is the thing that you’ll use to drive the mounting screws.

Level: Don’t trust your eyes with this one—nobody needs to watch slanted TV. Utilize a level to ensure your recently mounted TV is, indeed, level. This can assist you with keeping away from both a screwy TV and superfluous openings in your wall.

Television Mount: Obviously, to mount your TV to your wall, you’ll need a TV mount appraised for your model of TV. Check your TV manual for the VESA mount estimations and get a TV mount to coordinate.

Painters Tape (optional): When you discover your wall studs, mark them with a little bit of painters tape. This is a lot simpler to see than a pencil imprint, and you won’t need to write on your wall—that is consistently a reward in our book.

A friend (optional): TVs are enormous, weighty, and off-kilter to lift. Except if you’re much more organized than we are, attempting to hold one consistent and line up sections is a catastrophe waiting to happen. Get a companion for best outcomes.

Practice cable management.

You need to avoid as much as possible cables and TV antennas hanging down from your TV. That is a good way to destroy the entire smooth tasteful job you’ve carried out. Here are some tips for cable management.

  • Conceal them behind a wall: You can course them through the wall or tie them together perfectly and fold them behind a rack or other style.
  • Purchase a cover: There are covers you can purchase that coordinate the shade of your wall, offering a basic method to shroud cables.

How to wall mount your TV

How to Wall Mount a TV

  1. Choose where you need to situate the TV: Viewing points are frequently significant for accomplishing the best picture quality, so consider your area cautiously. Moving the TV afterward isn’t just additional work, however it’ll likewise leave pointless openings in your wall. On the off chance that you have a chimney, mounting your TV above it is a well known spot for mounting since it’s by and large a point of convergence of the room.
  2. Find the wall studs utilizing a stud finder: Move your stud locater across the wall until it demonstrates it has discovered a stud. At the point when it does, mark it for certain painters tape so you recall the position.
  3. Imprint and drill your pilot holes: These are the little openings that will permit your mounting screws to enter the wall. You’ll presumably need an accomplice for this.
  • Hold the mount up to the wall: Utilize a level to ensure it’s straight.
  • Utilizing a pencil, make light checks where you’ll penetrate the openings to join it to the wall.
  • Append a brick work spot to your drill, and drill openings where you checked utilizing the mount.
  1. Join the mounting section to the wall: Hold your mount to the wall and drill the mounting screws into the pilot openings you made in the past advance.
  2. Connect the mounting plate to the TV: To begin with, eliminate the remain from the TV in the event that you haven’t just done as such.
  3. Find the mounting plate connection holes on the rear of the TV: These are at times covered with plastic or have fastens as of now them. Assuming this is the case, eliminate them.
  4. Append the plate to the rear of the TV with the included equipment.
  5. Mount your TV to the wall: This is the last advance! Snatch your accomplice once more, as this can be interesting to do alone.
  6. Lift the TV cautiously—with your legs, not your back! We don’t need any wounds demolishing the fun here.
  7. Line the mounting arm or plate on the TV up with the section on the wall and interface them adhering to the maker’s directions. This can change starting with one mount then onto the next, so consistently read the guidelines.
  8. Make the most of your recently mounted TV!


So, that’s it. Having followed these instructions, we hope by now your TV would be sitting tight on the wall while you sitting and smiling on your couch watching your TV. However, if you still finding it difficult to mount, kindly call for assistance to avoid stories that touch.